Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Obama

(I am doing this right after watching the debate, haven't listened to pundit analysis or anyone elses yet)

Well I was very impressed with Obama's performance are a couple adjectives to describe him during the speech...Powerful, Elegant, Presidential, Emotional, Inspiring, Pitch Perfect, etc...  He has a clear gift and it was on display tonight and very fun to watch.   Also when you watch it on a 42 plasma in hd with full surround you get to hear the sweeping bass of Obama's voice on full display.  

Now it is the Republicans turn, we know that McCain doesn't match Obama in the speech department, the debates are where I believe the election will be made or broken for Obama, and I think he will fare far better than he did at the Saddleback conference.    Obama was brilliant in undercutting the Republicans every attack, and undercutting McCain's case, with great skill.  Now we will see if he has that same skill at the debates.  Favorite parts of the speech...

You can't fight an enemy that operates in 80 countries by occupying Iraq.

We may not agree on abortion but can we at least agree we can minimize unwanted pregnancies.

Brillant rebutting of the celebrity attack ad by McCain.

Outlining traditional republican attack of "raising taxes, and attacking traditional values"  and saying why this is the attack and the reasons why it is used.  

McCain will say he has an independent record but he has voted with W 90% of the time, "I don't know about you but I won't take a 10% chance"

That's all I can think of for now.....remember folks, just because I am writing this glowing review doesn't mean I am supporting him.  

But as someone who has a college degree in Political Science this stuff is fascinating to me...And people who have natural political charisma are interesting to me....among other things.  



Did we watch the same acceptance speech??? While it is obvious that I am not an Obama supporter I do believe that he is a great communicator and has been able to use his charasmatic charm to pull people into his fold. However I was really disappointed in his speech tonight. He had alot of bullet points but never really elaborated on them. I was expecting so much more. It left me feeling completely flat and I was really trying to be wide open with regard to his speech. No real substance or matter. Even his attacks on McCain fell flat. Trust me I would have loved to hear Obama deliver a grandslam as that is what we expect from both candidates at this point. But for me it just was not there.

love ya, Susan

dole2obama said...

I am shocked at Susan's non-partisan analysis. I really thought Obama's speech was going to warm her heart. (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)


We love U love Kevin and Zachary.

Hilary said...

Wow Garrett. Your blog is very interesting. i found it through your facebook page. I too, am a lover of all things political and find this stuff fascinating. i'll have to check back to read your thoughts. I assume the Matt loves Barack is your brother?? He must love the Huffington Post.
Kind Regards,
Hilary Zachry (Harris)