Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Laura Ingraham calls out O'Reilly

This is exactly why I don't like O'Reilly, his program has a tried and true pattern of stories about our traditional values under attack by what he calls progressives.....thus feeding the fear machine and outraging middle american yokels who loved to be riled up!! 

 Then he deftly switches from that to a tittlating story, like teen girl fights and bikini baristas...thus amping up the titalation factor.  Here is Laura calling him out on the latter....(Never forget also how O'Reilly had to pay fox news producer Andrea Mackris 5 million dollars to shut her up about a tape proving overt and disgusting sexual harrasment)  

O'Reilly feeds on moral outrage, and displays of sex, a classic combination.  


Sailing Vessel Serenity NOW said...

Laura Ingraham ROCKS!!!! I absolutely love her. I am really happy that she called O'Reilly out. The guys ego is bigger than the Grand Canyon. love ya, susan