Friday, August 22, 2008

Grabbagar celebrates 100 posts!!!!

Valencia, CA

Created  just four months ago, the popular blog "grabbagar" is celebrating it's 100th post today!  

"The posts are sometimes entertaining, sometimes thought provoking, but never boring"  says grabbagar creator and caretaker Garrett Riley.    "I thank everyone for their support"  When asked to recall the most memorable post Garrett had this to say, "Well there was that famous post about John Edwards that morphed into a tit-for-tat back and forth between my brother, a recently converted democrat, and Susan my aunt and lifelong Republican"  But by far the topic that most interests Garrett is relgion, particularly why people believe the way they do,  "I think most people have not seriously examined their beliefs, and that is what I am trying challenge people to do"  While this is Garrett's main interest he tries to temper his posts with more lighthearted fare, "I did a renactment of one of my favorite movies  'there will be blood' with my two boys, and we had  lot of fun doing that."  Garrett has also lampooned the long held christian belief that in order to be saved part of what you must do is have someone pour water on you while reciting a simple verbal incantation.  This was skewered in "Dog Baptism" a short video that in addition to the amusement of grabbagar viewers , was a minor sensation on youtube.   

"I try to have fun, and entertain my readers"  Garrett says.  A recent example of this was when Garrett went beyond the normal adoration of a movie star, he wrote that he has a "man crush" on Batman star Christian Bale.  "I'm not gay!  Garrett said, but I do recognize that some men are better looking then others"  

By all accounts this blog has been a success.  When asked how Garrett feels about the popularity of his blog he states simply.  "To have the adoration of my viewers is great, I thank each and every one of them I look forward to entertaining them in the future!"


Brett said...

This just in: Apparently Christian Bale has a man crush on GrabBag creator Garrett Riley, but has been to bashful to post. More to come.

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Congratulations on this prestigous event. 100 Posts! Reading your posts that are insightful, entertaining and well thought out is a pleasure.
It brings back memories of MMW and you coming to work with your views of the latest movies and your thoughts on the DVD special features.
And you are now an atheist which is awsome for a guy like me. You are in a group of people that are my favorite to hear because you generally have put thought into your beliefs which 80% of saved folks have not done. We will disagree on much but at least you do not just repeat what you have been told by a Sunday School teacher or preacher with no idea why you believe this or that.
Keep it up!
Mike Faulkner

Garrett said...

Thanks Mike! I'm glad you like the blog..


Oh what a ride. Congrats. on your 100th blog. I think the interview was stellar. Who ever was it that that interviewed you.... :). Great job!!

I think your blogs have been very interesting on a wide range of topics. And they have been very thought provoking to say the least.

May the next 100 be as interesting, challenging and hopefully their will be another topic that may go over 45 responses. With the election a little over 2 months away I am sure there will be many rounds in the ring with people sharing their views on the Presidential election.

love ya, Susan

P.S. I thought baptist Mike in Utahs response on this post regarding religion was very interesting. He brings out some very good points.