Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Mike turns 19 years old today, and he celebrates his birthday from his new home in Boulder, Colorado where he is a freshman student there.   Too bad we can't be with you today Mike but we'll see you soon, happy birthday!



Happy Birthday Mike!! We hope you are doing well and enjoying your first week of college.

Love, Susan & Dennis

Paula said...

You are an incredible brother to Mike, Garrett! Thank you for all the love and support you give him.
It feels weird today to not have him here to celebrate, but it seems like he is liking college life.
I guess Jeff and I will have to have a piece of cake tonight to get over missing him on his B-day. :)
Love you, Mom

dole2obama said...

Happy B-day to Mike. I know he is loving the life he is living.

Pauly said...

Happy B-day college boy.

Does Mike read this blog?

Grandma Dee said...

Well, Mike, Happy Birthday! I am checking in late in the evening, but it's still your birthday. I hope this is a wonderful 19th birthday for you. As a Freshman away at your first year of college, you will always remember this one. My first year of college, I turned 18 and for the first birthday ever, I was not with my mom and dad. My mom had to go to Kansas to take my great aunt to her class reunion. I really missed her, but it was my first step towards independence.

So many milestones in your freshman year. I wish you so much happiness and great memories. You deserve all of the happiness your college life holds for you. I still remember the day you were born. I drove Garrett and Matt over to the hospital to see you. They were so excited to have a baby brother. And, now you have them and Paul and Jenny as your adoring siblings. Your life is truly blessed. Enjoy, be safe and be healthy. My one regret in college is that I did not study as hard as I could have. So many opportunities open to you and so many wonderful classes to take. God be with you. Hugs, Denise

Mike Jacobs said...

I had a great birthday with some new friends of mine. My 2nd cousin gracie, who lives in boulder and i get along with great, took me out to dinner with two of her friends and one of mine. The dinning was awesome compared to the normal cafeteria food. Thank you for all your birthday wishes.