Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More "Focus on the Family" Lunacy

Focus on the family, (a evangelical christian organization led by USC Sociology grad James Dobson) put out a video calling on people to pray that their god create a torrential downpour  during Obama's acceptance speech at Denver's stadium.   His reasoning?   Abortion and gay marriage of course!.  Even though Jesus never said anything about this, they persist in their mania.    Again people actually give this organization money!  Can you believe it?  Why would anyone when given a choice between "Make a Wish" or other charities they give their money to this crap!!  

The answer is a this,  James Dobson stirs people up through scaring them about godless liberals who are taking away our "values"  If you believe him, you will home school your kid because all teachers are really closeted homosexuals who will make your kid gay and teach them satanic things like evolution.  You see there is a conspiracy out there perpetuated by people in the public school system to "take god out of it"   We are at war Dobson will say, give me money so I can fight against this enemy, and meanwhile, I will tell you what to feel, tell you what to think, and I will scare you!!"   There must be abstinence only programs in schools Dobson will say, even though statistics show that most kids who take "virginity pledges" and are taught abstinence only, are far less likely to use a condom when they do have sex, thus causing more harm.  

This is the same christian mentality that a missionary will have in africa on a mission to AIDS patients.  Instead of actually helping them not to contract AIDS which using a condom prevents in almost all cases, the people are prostletized to and told that god's design is that sex is reserved for marriage, so there are no condoms given out, thus no help given and major harm done!!  

Focus on the Family makes me sick, they are not for families at all, that is because if it were up to them they would take away the rights of gay parents in a loving stable home to adopt!  In Dobson's mind it is better for a child to be in a state run home until he is 18, then to be adopted  into a loving household.  Once again more harm is caused!!

And that folks is my Focus on the Family rant for today...if you want to see their ridiculous video I have it for you.


Paula said...

Oh, Garrett...you have some of your facts wrong.

(l)You forgot to mention that this man has a PHD in Child Development,was a clinical professor of Pedriatics at USC for 14 years and was cited as the "Most Influential evangelical Christian" in the US. Just because this man differs in his political views from you, give him a little respect.

(2) This man on the video is NOT from Focus on the Family and has nothing to do with Dobson.

Dobson is a sincere Christian that has worked to keep strong marriages and strong families alive. Strong, intact marriages are the backbone of society and I have always repected him for the books and radio programs that he has put out (which I have read and listened to!) In the past 10 or 15 years ago, he started letting families know the bills, judges decisions, etc. in the political world that would affect conservative thinking families. I have never felt "scared" reading his letters, only thankful that he has the courage to stand up for what he believes and is willing to put himself out there and take the criticism.
The "Veggie tale" videos and other audio tapes for children that Focus on the Family has put out are about the themes of honesty, caring for others, kindness, etc. I APPLAUD his efforts for children and have never found enything offensive in what he has to say.
Lastly, I never felt he "told" me how to think...he was an encouragement in everything that is good and right.
Love you,

Garrett said...

fair enough on point two...dobson wanted this video prominently displayed on the focus website and it was...the reason is that dobson liked this video so he displayed it!!

Later on it was pulled off the site due to complaints.

Once again dobson is only for "families" that agree with him. He is in fact against families comprised of two loving same sex couples. He believes that it is better for a child to live his life in a state run orphanage then to live in a positive nurturing same sex home. Dobson's good friend the homosexual meth using pastor ted haggard agrees with him.

What is your opinion?

P.S dobson was a ped prof for a time..he now is a religious prostelytizer even though he has no formal education.

Garrett said...

I mean formal theological training

Pauly said...

Wow, you finally brought your Mom out from the shadows about religious issues.

Good job Paula, don't let the big bully push you around on here, he's like a bulldog!

It's good to see you counter Garrett on his Christian rants.

So what time in Hawaii do I need to pray for rain?

dole2obama said...

Thanks for posting this video! I encourage all to join me in Denver to pray for rain! How will you find me in the crowd of 90,000? I will be wearing a traditional headdress full of eagle feathers, pounding my drum with my tom-tom, and dressed in my finest moccasins and deer skins. It might be hard to recognize my face due to my multi colored face paint but I will be displaying my traditional native
American art. It shows a herd of buffalo chasing Obama off a clif! I have already sold one to a family member.(guess who?) The great father will drench Invesco field!

Brett said...

Okay, okay - I have to say something. Garrett you know I am no fan of Dobson, but you sound like the atheist version of him. Rather than a rational, sound, objective discussion - you sound like a fear-monger throwing out scary words. Perhaps you should start a counter radio program - 'Focus on the Gay Family.' You could bring in testimonials, scare the crowds that evangelicals are going to take away their children and force them to have values. You could drum up political movements to vote against anyone who has religious ties and say things like 'They are Christians - they can't be in politics - we have separation of church and state in this country.' Julie Sweeney could come on and talk about how atheism changed her life. Gar, you could make a killing!



There are some things that we can all agree on. Then there are the HOT topics of religion, same sex marraiges and whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt or have children of their own. These subjects have been and will always be HOTLY debated and I feel very few minds will be changed.

I don't agree in praying for bad things to happen to people who don't fit in with what we might think is unacceptable behavior or life styles that don't fit with ours. However I also don't believe think we have to embrace beliefs or life styles that we may not be comfortable with. We all have the right to think and believe the way we want. After all we live America.

For someone to outwardly pray for rain on Obamas parade when he accepts the nomination of the Dem party because is ludicrous and very childish. It puts a very negative taste in normal thinking peoples mouth. love ya, Susan

Garrett said...

Brett--There is one big difference between Dobson's camp and my camp. I will voice my disagreement with "Focus on the Family" but I will never say they don't have a right to say what they say, or think how they think. This is not the same with "Focus" this group wants to eliminate the right for same sex couples to marry, and adopt, or have children. They go so far as to support a ridiculous "marriage amendment" in the constiution, and they are for legislation that absolutely restricts adoption rights for gay parents. Again they don't just voice disagreement they want to stomp out these rights.

Susan--minds actually do get changed. Let me throw two issues at you..

birth control
womens suffrage

Decades ago traditonal conservatives gave biblical reasons why birth control even among married people is wrong and against god. Now nearly all christians see no problem at all with birth control among married adults. Of course the catholic church is still officially against this I believe.

Likewise they gave biblical reasons why women can't vote...Proud women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for that right for women, and there was a huge resistance..one that we can't even comprehend today

I believe in 10-20 years the rights of gays to marry and have/adopt kids will be so commonplace that people will wonder what the argument even was....