Monday, October 20, 2008

Barack Obama for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am through fighting with myself....over the past year and a half I have gone through one of the most radical shifts in worldviews that I have ever gone through.  As a result of realizing that there are no such things as angels, devils, and gods, I have shifted nearly every one of my social issues, I am for gay marriage, I am pro-choice, I am for stem cell research, I am for Terri Shivos husband, I am for tolerance over primitive superstitions and fears.  I am a now a true social progressive, I believe that the constitution is a living breathing document, I believe that in the real world all of us are governed by "situational ethics"  I am like Colin Powell a fiscal conservative and social liberal.  So in this election I have had my two different sides fighting with each other.  But my social progressive side has won.  I want to be on the right side of history.  I want to be with those progressives of old that fought for womens suffrage, even though the evangelicals of the time said that was against God.  I want to be on the side of the abolitionists who fought against slavery and injustice, even though the church folk correctly cited in the bible that slavery is Gods will.  I am for science, and the betterment of happiness for all mankind.  I will smile in 30 years knowing that I voted for a man who nominated good justices to the Supreme Court.  
And that was the final straw folks Colin Powell had it right, he said he couldn't stand to see a republican nominate two more justices...and that was the final teeter, it's about the supreme court, and it's about a referendum against arguably the worst president in the past 100 years, and his reckless actions in Iraq which resulted in the pointless deaths of thousands of our troops and 40 thousand more who's lives are destroyed with missing limbs and nightmares that no amount of meds can shake.   It is a vote against evangelicals who have hijacked my republican party.  It is about that and many other things.  I admire and respect John McCain, and he was the only one who kept me from the Barack vote for so long.  If it had been Romney or Huckabee I would have been for Barack much sooner!  But in the final analysis, I want something new, I want a young vigorous 48 year old man in the Executive, at 72 it is hard even for even someone of McCains considerable stature to maintain concentration and focus while running our executive branch.  And then there is "Sexy Sarah" oh my goodness, what can I say that hasn't already been said.   She represents the type of thinking I can't stand, the small minded "us and them" mentality, "I'm glad I'm in a pro America area"  The type of rhetoric that brings out the worst in people.  She is an unmitigated joke, and a slap in the face to me from John McCain.  
There are plenty of things that I disagree with Obama on, Tax policy is number one of course.  But here is my deal on that.....I believe there will be no middle class tax cut when Obama is in office, (nor will there be from McCain)   There will be a tax hike on people making over 250K back to the percentages that we had under Ronald Reagan.  I am fundamentally against tax increases...however we have had unprecedented irresponsible spending and government growth under W (a fact that many conservatives love to ignore) while we have had huge tax cuts.  So unfortunately it could prove necessary.  Also I would love to see this money go towards everyones benefit.  I will be watching the Obama administration and see where our money goes and it will be a factor in whether I vote for him again in 2012.  In short, defense good, schools good, infrastructure (responbible) good, post office good, national parks good, clean water good.....police/fire good......CIA good.....
So if I have to pay a little higher rate in taxes, maybe a few hundred dollars a year at the most for me (working at but not quite at the over 250K mark yet) I will think of all the good that Obama represents, forward thinking, positivity, hope, inspiration.  He will be great at talking to us won't he?  I feel we are going to be in very good hands.  I like Joe Biden a lot too.  I like that he is as close to a "regular guy" as a politician can get.  
Obama will be the ultimate positive symbol to minorities that they can achieve anything they want in the greatest country in the world.  Obama is ultra-cool, very smart, he will project a positive powerful symbol of america to the rest of the world.  

On November 4th I urge all of my readers to cast your vote for Barack Obama 

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P.S.  On taxes, according to Barack's website, I will be getting an addtional 1800 dollar tax cut.  I don't think that will actually happen once he gets in, (neither would it happen for McCain if he gets in,) but it's interesting.

P.P.S. Obama's website is amazing (and so is his Iphone App (: )


Brett said...

This is great. This is amazing. About six hours ago, I actually considered putting a post on your blog predicting that this would be the last time you ever voted for a republican. Your views have changed so radically on everything else that even though you are going to pay more taxes you would not be able to keep company with conservatives. Then six hours later you beat me to the punch and said that you are switching THIS election. Wow - that's freaky!

Garrett said...

All things in life are a give and take my friend...if paying a pittance more in taxes means that I have contributed towards all those other things I am for, well, that is the give and take.

I'll vote for the first republican who can break the influence of the 70 million Dobsonites

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Do you think Dobson has any real infuence on True "Christians" or just the mainstream fakes?

By the way Palin was a slap in the face to us too. I know nobody in my circles that liked the pick, especially women.

But I guess she does well in the mainstream. meaning left of me like Rick Warren and Southern Baptists etc.


I have only one thing to very careful what wish for.

Love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I am confused. I am not sure how being pro-choice is connected with your view of no gods, devils etc. I also wonder what is a good argument for being pro-choice? I have yet to hear one.
All of your other views mentioned, I can see the rationalized reasoning for being on either side when you add belied in God or not into the mix. But even without a belief in God, I cannot see argument for abortion.
That being said, I am anti-governing morals. I am not one who says we need to do whatever it takes to make abortion illegal. Whether it is legal or not it still does not change me and my belief. It is still not something I will play any part in advocating.
My life is just as happy whether it is legal or not. It in no way affects me. I am pro-life as well as pro-people making good choices for themselves.
Also I am in favor of lower taxes as you. Not so much for me, I dont now nor ever aspire to making enough money that it really changes my life. My reason for lower taxes is that I still believe in supply side economics, although I do believe that greed has eliminated some of the good effects of that trickle down system. But it still is superior to raising taxes and supressing any chance of the money working within the system. But as you pointed out the big monster is really spending not revenue.
I do consider myself an ultra-conservative independent. No longer the ditto-head you knew in Chico.
My brand of conservatism on social issues is very narrow-minded, yet not accomplished through government, but by personal responsibility.
I live life with a triple standard. I have very high standards and expectations from myself and my family. A little les rigid with the church I am a member of. And a standard of decent and hopefully honest people everywhere else.
Economic conservatism is make a budget, stick with it. There are certain needs in the society that must be included. Pay for those.
Still planning on making my decision in the voting booth for now.

dole2obama said...

Big Guy-
I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! I love how people try to scare you with paying more taxes, the same broken record the Republicans played in 92 and 96. You will only pay more taxes if you make over 250,000!

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

can you expound on this statement a little?

"I am for tolerance over primitive superstitions and fears."

Who is intolerant? (In your opinion)
Does tolerance need to only be practiced by one specific group?(In your opinion)
Do you find Atheist and "other free thinkers" (snicker snicker, hahaha) to be tolorant?

Looking forward to a response.

Pauly said...

WOW! Congratulations for being an independent thinker and not a party disciple. In my opinion, Palin solidifies the Republican movement away from the intelligent small government/fiscal conservative policies and into a party of ignorant theocracy based on intolerance and fear. She's the scariest politician to come around in a long time.

Grandma Dee said...


I am sooo sorry that I missed seeing this announcement when it was made. I discovered it by looking at Matt's. I usually read yours but looked at your most recent one and missed seeing this. Really good layout on your beliefs and arguments. Very well thought through, considered and a base analysis of why you decided as you did. Welcome aboard the Obama Hope for the Future. One of my main reasons to go with him was the future he holds for the America I remember when I was growing up. One of hope, courage, commitment, giving, sacrificing and challenges. This is what I pray for your children and others.

Congrats and love,

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Very convenient, Barack's grandma passes away the day before the election!
Sorry, that was my old Right Wing Conspiracy mug carrying past talking. I know we will be hearing it on the Radio soon.
Rush Limbaugh must feel like an idiot today with all his "what ever happened with Obama's grandma being gravely ill" talk.
I do with all the Obama's well.

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Sorry that was I WISH them well.