Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking Back on the Dodgers

I am very proud of the Dodgers this year!  I went to a total of 26 games including game 3 of the NLDS and NLCS (both wins) and Matt and I had our enjoyed our great 22 game mini season plan in LOG section 155.  

For months and months we were fighting the Snakes to try to tie or break into first, but we just couldn't seem to quite get there.  Until we finally did.  Thanks to the arrival of Manny Ramirez who was amazing right from the first day he got here (I was at the first game Manny played as a Dodger) The Dodgers finished 1st in the NL West, and then amazingly dispatched the Cubs like they were nothing.  Everything turned with the Phillies when our pitching collapsed in the 6th inning of game 4...but hey that's baseball.  There were 26 other teams that would have loved to be where the Dodgers were.  And with our "core four" Loney, Martin, Either, Kemp of everyday young kid position players, along with Kershaw, Stultz, Billingsley, we have a solid foundation for years to come.  And maybe we'll swing a deal for Jake Peavy who wants to get out of the sinking ship that is the San Diego loser Padres.  

We are reupped for 2009 and are set to go to another 22 games next summer.

As to who I want to win in the World Series...

Go Rays!!!!



I am with you as far as the Rays go. However Boston had a HUGE comeback tonight. I wonder how many people turned off their t.v.'s thinking it was over. I hope it goes 7 games as I am not ready for baseball to be over even though we still have the W.S. to watch. Would much rather be watching the Angels/Dodgers or Dodgers/Red Sox but will get into the W.S. just to keep the greatest sport on earth going for a few more weeks. Congrats. to the Dodgers. May the Angels and Dodgers meet up in the W.S. in the not to distant future. love ya

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Wow until just now. I assumed the Rays won last night. I think is was 7-0 last time I checked.

I am also pulling for the Rays in as much as I care at all. Yesterday, I saw a man here in Southern Utah wearing a Phillies had and jersey which made me sick. Only because in this town of about 5,ooo people I had never seen him or anyone else wear that before grab a spot for the W.S.

Do not forget about McDonald for next year. He reminded me of Ramon Martinez when he pitched. Not as much movement on the gastball but still very similar. Even bats left handed.

Billingsley, I hope can gat over what happened. I remeber Mitch Williams (phillies) was never any good after giving up the homerun to George Bell in the World Series. But still, Billingsley, Kershaw, McDonald, Kuroda, maybe Sabathia or Peavy would be a great young rotation to throw out there.

Now Pierre is demanding a trade, which I would too if I wanted to play. I hope to see Manny back next year. Even if he might get lazy after the big contract comes.

How many players can just decide to be the best hitter in baseball at will when it matters?

The infield and bullpen are the big question marks for next year.

When do the winter meetings start?

Nevermind that, lets start spring training up now!

Garrett do you still go to Spring Training? I remember those pictures you showed me before with you and Bill Russell.