Thursday, October 9, 2008

One slip

Everything was rolling right along in game one of the NLCS, Lowe was putting on a clinic, mixing up his speed with his sinker.  Then boom!  Rafael Furcal makes a throwing error, and just like that, the Dodgers are tied, and then lose the lead.  

Well, we are in a best of 7 series and one game does not a series make.  I predict a win tomorrow, then we take 2 of 3 at the Ravine, and then win the series in game 6 or 7 back in Philly.

Go Blue!!


Sandy said...

Hopefully, it will be the Dodgers and the Red Sox. That would be a great series.
Love ya

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

You cant make those mistakes in October. Teams are too good at this point and it will almost always cost you.
Ask the Cubs!
Shake if off boys, split it today and bring it back to Dodger Stadium all tied up.

I guess we cant sweep them all.

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

2 slips!!

Hey what is this I hear about a Tommy Lasorda movie staring Al Pacino?