Thursday, October 30, 2008

Garrett meets a world famous singersongwriter

OK so in the late afternoon today after a hard days work in Glendale, we are at Disneyland. And as we are coming out of the "Jungle Cruise" who the, what that yep, that's Seal! So I see Seal walking straight at me making eye contact, and he sees me recognize him and he sort of half smiles, so I say, Your Seal right? And he says, ya hows it going man? And I say, great, I love your music man! Then I freeze for about a 2 count and then say, "Hey can I get a picture with you?" Tasha is there with the camera in the this point he says sorry man I can't do it.

So that is my encounter with Seal. Whats Crazy (Ha 'Crazy' get it?) is that last Friday Bono was at disneyland and there was a picture of him with his family riding the Jungle Cruise! So anyways, Seal put out one amazing album his second one in 1994 (self titled) I have listened to that one a zillion times....his subsequent releases have not reached that point, but the guy has talent....It's always a surreal feeling when you see a famous person like that.



Very cool indeed. I still think that he should have posed for a 1 second photo op. I mean, come on when celebraties are out in public they have to expect to be recognized and deal with it. Without fans that pay to see or hear them they have nothing. Like I said when we spoke earlier on the phone "if he doesn't want to be bothered he certainly has enough $$$$ to rent Disneyland for the day and invite all his friends. But I still think it is great that you saw him. I love SEAL, he is a great artist. love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Charles Barkley did the same thing to us on a class trip to S.F. in high school in 1994. The Suns were playing Golden State in the playoffs when we were there.
He was just walking down the street with other Pheonix Suns, whoever they were. Charles was obiously begging for the attention he was getting from the people in the streets and hoping we would take pictures. But when you asked for one with him he said no.
Seal was probably more polite.

Mark Nowlin said...

Hey Gar, I recently had an encounter with a famous person sighting at Disneyland too a week and a half ago. I was getting off the Matterhorn with the fam, and we walked right past Adam Kennedy. For those who don't know, he was the instrumental second baseman for the Angels when they won the world series in 2002. wow, Disney is crazy huh?