Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ON the brink

Heartbreaking loss yesterday.....we had that game.  Oh well, now the Dodgers will just have to win 3 straight.


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

It can be done!

It is not like the Phils have dominated. The Dodgers have been in control of ever gamr except game 2 and blew it.


It ain't over 'till its over. If the Dodgers bullpen can get it together and their pitching stays good I think there is a good chance the Dodgers can win 3 in a row. I am hoping they can. AND then the Red Soxs have to get with it as well. A Philly/Rays World Series would be the least watched W.S. in years. That's why we need the Dodgers/Red Soxs to WIN!!
love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Twenty years ago tonight.
The most dominant closer in the game stood upon the mound at Dodger Stadium. Just one out away from victory. With 2 out and one man on base, the crowd erupted in cheers as they saw the old veteran limp out of the dugout to attempt the improbable. Number 23 walked toward home plate with one thing in mind. "A base hit ties the game".
The battle ensued. Pitch after pitch, (could he do it!) The old man fouled off many pitches with ugly swings while working the count to full.
Another foul to stay alive. The fans waited in anticipation of what might happen at Chavez Ravine. The people at home watching NBC with Vin Scully doing the national telecast. What drama it was.
The "Eck" throws the perfect pitch. Gibson lunges with another ugly swing. But this one did not go foul. With a flick of the wrist the ball sailed deep to right. Jose Canseco barely moved as he looked up from his position in right field as the ball landed in the Right Field Pavillion.
The crowd is electric and the cheers ovewhelming.
Kirk Gibson pumps his fist as he round first. And again as he struggles to jog the bases. Tommy Lasorda runs on the field with arms held high. Steve Sax is jumping at homeplate to await the hero. The team is beside itself with excitment at home plate.
The dream of every little boy in America is shown to be possible by an unlikely hero on that night in 1988.

Anything can happen.

One game at a time now!


Completely bummed that the Dodgers lost tonight. After the Angels blowing it I thought the Dodgers would keep L.A. in the fight and go to the World Series. I feel your pain as it was a bummer to see my Angels win 100 games in the season and then go on to lose in the first round. At least the dodgers made it to the second round. Congrats. on that. love ya, Susan

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I see, the Dodgers theme is gone. As much confidence as i felt going into the series. No matter what, the let down feels the same whether it is missing the playoffs, finishing last or going as far as the Dodgers got. The Dodgers and their fans have a tradition of winning and anything short of a championship is not good enough. That is a great thing about being a Dodger fan that can drive you nuts.
Unlike Giants fans who base the success of their season on finishing above the Dodgers or not. The Dodgers define success by winning it all.
I was dissapointed in the radio broadcast on ESPN radio. They had declared Manny's at bat in the 8th to be his last at bat in a Dodger uniform. Similar comments about Furcal (which was a disappointment this week), Lowe, Blake, Kent, Garciapara. They made it sound like the Dodgers were going to field a team that will have no shot next year.