Friday, October 24, 2008


For the first time since July (The Dark Night) I have gone to a movie theater folks.  Yes I had to brave the bleating sheep like noises from two of the women, and the crinkling of wrappers from the gentleman 10 seats down from me, but I had to see this movie.  
Oliver Stone is one of the best directors in the last 25 years or so..."Wall Street" is in my top 10 and is his best movie ever, and of course he has given us "Platoon" "Nixon", and the phenomenal "JFK".  

W isn't in the same league as "Wall Street" "Platoon" or "JFK" but it is a very competent biopic.  And it is carried by the considerable talent of Josh Brolin who deserves to be nominated for best actor.   It is a sharp, intelligent character study, told from 1966 when Dubya impresses his frat brothers with his winning charm and likeablility, all the way up to the point where it was clear that the mission was in fact not accomplished.  (One of the best parts of the movie was when they had a spoof O'Reilly Factor show called "Spinball" commenting  on how awesome it was that W had flown on a fighter jet!  "I mean can you see John Kerry on a fighter jet" the O'reilly character says.  

This movie was not a Michael Moore hatchet job, and anyone who thinks it is, don't bother commenting here unless you have seen the movie and only then tell me specifically what you thought was "hatchety" about it.   After seeing "W" I almost felt sorry for Bush, he is potrayed acurately as a very likeable and fun guy, someone who you would love to have a beer and watch a ballgame with.   But then of course you know what direction he ultimately takes the country.  

This goes down with "13 days" and "All the Presidents Men" as one of my favorite political films of all time.  3 out of 4 stars!!!!!!


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Well I will reconsider now. I really had not intended seeing the movie because in the trailers it does look poorly acted. I also dont find "W" the person, all that compelling.
Sort of like watching a movie about Barry Bonds before he his 70+ HR's and the Balco stuff. It seems that the story needs to have some sort of an ending before you make a film. But Oliver Stone has had more success with movies than I have, so what do I know.
I will pay my $1 at Redbox when it comes out.

BTW, I voted today!! It is not as cool as it used to be. I have too many differences to bring myself to vote for Obama. I also was not that interested in McCain and the fashion queen. So I voted Chuck Baldwin. It is not like McCain is not going to win Utah by 30 points anyway. So why not go with a 3rd party and see if they can get funding in 4 years with enough of a percentage. I know, I know, a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Barack, so he will lose Utah by 29.9 points instead of 30 because of me.

dole2obama said...

Life is easy when you have people who think for you. Rush and Hannity told me it was a "hatchet" job so I won't see it.

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, So glad to read your comments. I have been bugging Dad to go with me since the Friday it opened. He wanted to get input on how it came off about Bush. Neither of us is interested in seeing a bash-Bush film. The interviews of Brolin and the reviews encouraged me to want to see it because even Brolin said he had empathy for Bush while filming it and that as a guy he seemed pretty likeable. Similar to what you said. Anyway, when we get back from Mammoth, I plan to see it. My girlfriend Karen wants to come to MB and see it with me. Thanks for your as always objective and informative reviews.
Grandma Dee


I am a mind numbed robot so I will definately NOT go see it until I am directed to do so by Michael Moore. Love ya, Susan