Thursday, October 23, 2008


Its really hard to believe there was once a world without Ipods but it was only 7 short years ago when Steve Jobs intro'd it for the first time.  No one knew it that day but Apple had launched what was to a revolutionary product that would transform an entire industry and create the "perfect thing"   for everyone who loves music.  As of September of 2008, Apple has sold 160 million Ipods, Incredible!!


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

What is an Ipod? Is it the same as an mp3 player?

I have not watched the video yet.

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Ok. sorry about the last comment. It was unfinished and hurried. It also makes me look like a bigger idiot than I am.

I am technologically behind most other people. I have a cheap mp3 player that I use to download sermons to listen to for long drives etc from websites of churches I know in N. Cal.

I know the ipod is more popular than mp3 players, but really I have no idea what the difference is. Since I rarely use the mp3 player I have never looked into the ipod myself. I was wondering what the benefits are to the ipod since you mention it as sort of a life changing gadget. You explained the new Iphone very well in a previous post, which before that post I had no idea that there was an "old iphone" out there.

Also my dial up connection is not fast enough to view the video of Mr. Jobs so if he explains it there I have not seen it.