Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love being a young father!!

Now this is not a knock on anyone, but Tasha and I are tied for the two youngest parents in Kevin's cub scout group. And Tasha and I planned it that way. We knew we wanted to have kids, and once we knew that, we didn't want to wait. And I am seeing the reasons why in Cub Scout group/T-Ball/school/etc.

There is a father in Cub Scouts who is 50 frikkin years old!! When I am 50 I will be done! I will have both kids out of the house (most likely) I will be 48 when Zach is 18, and this is a great thing! 48 is the new 38 right? And by 2022 it will be the new 28! This older parent thing is a symptom mostly of divorce, and also of the fact that women are in the workplace now, and couples are putting off having kids until they can "afford" them. I don't know, but when I am 50 I don't want to be chasing around a 7 year old at a cub scout meeting!

Also Tasha and I will be young enough to enjoy grandkids as well. I am fairly certain that the greatest possiblity of ones own happiness is to marry someone you love, and have children in your mid to late 20's. I must be the happiest son of a gun alive.


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

You are 100% right Garrett. Thank you!!!
I am a 32 yr old father of 4. And people act as though we are doing things wrong by "burdening" ourselves at a young age and now waiting for a certain (undefined) amount of financial security. We seem to have done just fine, with my wife staying at home with the kids from the beginning, have a paid off 2007 Toyota Sienna, buying a house in a great area for a family etc. All this without a college degree. And like you at 50 my kids will hopefully be paving a way for themselves. I can take my equity in my 4 bdrm house and get a smaller one for 2 people. Get rid of the van, use my money made from my home to buy a nifty car, take my 49 yr old wife accross the country. As those that put other things first are crawling on the floor with their kids at 50 with their arthritic knees.
Bravo Garrett.


You guys are living the American dream AND you earned it on your own. Great job. Love ya, Susan