Sunday, October 5, 2008

On to the NLCS!!!!!!

I was sitting four rows back from the dugout club ...and I watched every pitch.  I didn't move...didn't go to the bathroom...didn't go get anything to drink...I didn't want to miss anything.  It was almost like everything was hyper-real.    When the Dodgers scored 2 in the first I was happy, but we never broke open the game.  We had to rely on Hiroki Kuroda, who was phenomonal!!!!!  The Cubs just kept getting sent back to their dugout.  Derrick Lee slammed his helmet in frustration.  

So it gets to the top of the 9th and we have a two run lead.  All Broxton has to do is get 3 outs.....And he got the first two outs lightning quick.  Then Soriano comes up.  Is he due? I think to myself...the game can change quickly with only a two run lead in the 9th.  I have seen it happen many times before....but then strike 1, the crowd goes wild!  Strike 2..everyone is up and roaring!  And with two strikes, I knew it, I knew we had the game and we were going to the NLCS.  And I am sitting in a box seat with a perfect view of it all.  I actually paused, and teared up at that point and two quick tears ran down my face.  How lucky am I?  I couldn't believe I was there....It was actually happening!  

And then, Check swing strike 3!!!  I broke out in a huge smile, and then let out a primal scream of joy at the top of my lungs.  And then It was a party.  The players went crazy, the fans stayed (No one went home early in this one)  Joe Torre addressed the crowd, "We'll see you here next week, we have 8 more to go!!"  Tommy addressed the crowd.  Russel Martin climbed up into the left field pavillion to celebrate with the fans.  Matt Kemp dumped an entire bottle of champagne on Frank McCourt.  And on and on it went, and I was right there in the middle of all of it.  It was awesome!!  

And then I basically high fived about one hundred people filing out of the dugout club, including Rob Reiner (I told him 'Spinal Tap' is awesome)  John Lovitz (I quoted him an SNL skit, I yelled at him "Acting!  Genius!  Thank you!, he smiled a little bit), Dennis Haysbert from "24", Larry King, and Mayor Antonio Villarigossa.  

I stayed for about 35 minutes after the game, and then enjoyed the parking lot celebration, and the gauntlet of fans waving giant Dodger Flags at me as I was driving out...It was awesome!!  

The Dodgers are the first team this year to advance to the LCS...we sit back and wait for either the Phillies or the Brewers....

P.S.  Matt and I will go to Game 1 on thursday if they play the brewers, or Game 3 Sunday if it is the Phillies


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I was not as emotional watching online. But it was still awesome. I wish I could have seen the on field celebration!!
Like I said in my email to you right after the last pitch. I wish I was you at that moment.

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I just went on to see some of the post game celebration. Very Cool. I forget how young this team is, It shows in the excitement they have for what is going on. They have never been here before.

BTW, Ned Colleti, I forgive you for Andruw Jones.


Congrats., my friend. Love ya, Susan, Dennis and Namie

Sandy said...

Garrett, you are the greatest fan. It was so approriate for you to be there.
Love ya Sandy

Paula said...

Wow, what an incredible night!! This will be a memory forever.
So glad you were able to be there on such a special night!!

Love you, Mom