Friday, October 3, 2008

Why The Iphone is so great

Let me tell you all about one day in the life of Garrett's Iphone.  

  • Wake up to the built in alarm
  • Roll over and quickly check my websites 
  • Check how the Dow is doing 
  • Check the weather
  • Check my e-mail
  • Look up Zach's Pediatrician, instantly map the location, address, and tap the phone number to call to set up appt.
  • Set a reminder beep about 25 minutes before appt.
  • Call my Dad, talk to Denise.
  • Quickly check what time it is in Brussels to see how jet lagged they must be
  • Drive to doctors appt listening to music on the iphone
  • Entertain Zach by launching the monkey ball video game on the iphone, and handing it to him to play while we wait
  • Get into the exam room and ask Zach if he wants me to select kids programming from up to 3 online radio apps I have built in...
  • Tap the Ipod button, select the beach boys, select the album "Sounds of Summer" place the iphone on the windowsill and listen to the beach boys through the speaker (Zach wanted beach boys instead of kids programming (:  )
  • Call my Dad...then get a text that Matt updated his blog...check his blog from 24 hour fitness while on the elliptical machine...write him a quick comment after machine.
  • Pick up an e-mail while watching kids play out front from Cub Scout mom who wants to know e-mail address of new cub scout mom...tap the "contacts" button quickly look up the address and e-mail back.
  • Watch the Rays/White Sox game in real time play by play mode
  • Download that days episode of Opie and Anthony onto Itunes, and quickly synch up Iphone with Itunes.
Needless to say Iphone is like part of my is a part of me and I a part of it.  If marriage was defined as one man and one Iphone, we would be part of that marriage.


Brett said...

Sorry I am late - been busy and out of the loop. I can't believe there has been no comment here. Gar, I can only assume this means that the majority of your readers are 'inexperienced' when it comes to the iPhone. You are correct, it is the third hand - the ever present part of who you are. Portrait/Landscape - email/internet/apps.... as TUAW just said, it is the Mac Tablet... oh yeah, it's also a phone.