Monday, May 12, 2008

Bill O Reilly Freaks Out

For Everyone who loves Bill O Reilly and the Factor, keep in mind he used to be a anchor for the tabloid journalism show Inside edition....enjoy this classic clip I just about fell out of my chair laughing!  Warning don't watch this at work or with kids present.

Update: I just watched the Factor and got a textbook snapshot of what he does. He had a body language expert on to talk about Alec Baldwin's interview on 60 minutes, then he teased"coming up next" what is the real connection between William Ayres and Barack Obama.....and finally "Selling Sex?" he flashes a picture of almost naked prostitutes very saliciously on the screen with a tease about a new book that talks about prostitution. Everything about his show is right there in a nutshell.

Update #2: pulled the video after no doubt getting a C&D from the Fox News Channel...sorry guys, trust me the video was hysterical!


Grandma Dee said...

All righty then. Hmmm, looks like he was relying on only cue cards and not too darn happy to have to "ad-lib" it. I had no idea he had such a potty mouth and an anger challenge. Good that he got his own show.

dole2obama said...

Is that Ron Burgandy?

Garrett said...

I figured this would happen, has pulled this video after no doubt getting a C&D from Fox News. Oh well, if you didn't see it trust me it was hysterical