Thursday, May 22, 2008

John McCain is forced to see the light

John McCain has rejected the endorsement of the hateful John Hagee.   This is the same man who said that Hurricane Katrina was Gods righteous punishment for homosexuals, the same man who said that the Catholic church is the famous "Whore of Babylon" mentioned in the psychedelic and wacky book of Revelation( he also called the catholic church a 'false cult system' ).  The same man who earns over 3 million dollars a year from his 19,000 strong congregation who willingly "give to God"  The same man who has a sprawling mega million dollar ranch, also built by people who "were giving money to God"    Anyways......John McCain had to reject the endorsement because John Hagee believes that God told Hitler to kill 6 million jews because it was all part of his plan to build the state of Israel.  (John Hagee is an end times wacko who wishes to spur God along and initiate the appocalypse)   I guess maybe Hagee didn't consider that an omnipotent and omni benevolvent God could perhaps have chosen a less evil and harmful way to spur along his appocalypse, but oh well, he works in mysterious ways right?   

One of my biggest disappointments in McCain is that he had originally denounced such hateful hucksters such as James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell as "agents of intolerance" , but for political reasons he had to reach out to them and apologize.   McCain even called Hagee "one of our greatest leaders."   It is only now after an audiotape surfaced of Hagee delighting in the holocaust as part of Gods plan, that McCain has to distance himself.   

Meanwhile, millions of people continue to donate their hard earned money to carnival barkers like Hagee.  Tax Free of course.


Paula said...

Why is James Dobson a "hateful huckster"?
Love, Mom

Garrett said...

Fair Question Mom,

James Dobson is a Religious political dictator who claims to be the authority on how we should live our lives. He is a modern day Pharisee, just the sort of person that Jesus spoke out against in the gospels. What is interesting is that he has no formal theological training, he has a PHD in sociology from USC! He is a huckster because he scares people into thinking that if you don't give him money that our "values" will sink and pretty soon this country is going to be taken over by homosexuals and abortion loving feminists.

He is hateful because he believes in things that are hateful in my opinion, namely his obession with his anti homosexuality even though Jesus says nothing about it in the bible. He threatens congressman with reprisals if they don't support such nonsense like his gay marriage amendment