Saturday, May 24, 2008

Harrison Ford

Amazingly after George Lucas nearly killed the idea with his numerous script objections, The new Indiana Jones movie is in theaters.   I predict this will be Harrison Fords Swansong unless he swallows his ego and understands that he has to change his stripes.  Lets look at Harrison Ford in his first 17 years....Star Wars, Blade Runner, Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Witness, Return of the Jedi, Mosquito Coast, Frantic, Regarding Henry, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Presumed Innocent, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, and Clear and Present Danger.  Now from then on to present lets compare...Sabrina, The Devils Own, Air Force One, Six Days Seven Nights, What Lies Beneath, Random Hearts, K19 The Widowmaker, Hollywood Homicide, and Firewall.  So basically it has been 15 years since Fords last true must see movie (Air Force One was OK too to be fair)  But now he has to be a character actor, he has to swallow his ego and no longer be the leading man.  He is a screen presence, who is solid, but will never be mistaken for Phillip Seymor Hoffman.  He needs to try something different, like Tom Cruise in Magnolia, I hope Indy 4 is not his last good movie.  

BTW I have not yet seen Indy 4!  This proves I am getting old, and remember that I hate going to movie theaters now.  I am sure I will see it in the theater, but it might be far off in the distance.  I am the same guy who waited in line for 5 hours to see Batman (1989)  Stayed up to watch the midnight showing of Matrix Reloaded, and has always seen these movies the day they came out.  My Dad wants to see Indy with Matt and I but Matt has already blown it since he went to see it last night.  Oh well.

P.S.  Harrison Fords best movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark.  His second best is Witness


dole2obama said...

I can't believe I say this movie before you did. It was a good movie, not great, but fun to watch. It just had way too much CGI for me, I like the old stunts. I give it a B-


Not sure I will see the movie. Saw H.F. interviewed on a program yesterday and it seems like he has lost a little of the fast ball. Not quite sure it will be his best. Love ya, Susan