Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Are the Police and We're Back!!!!!

It had been nearly 25 years, but one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history finally embarked on a world tour that started in May of 2007 in Vancouver.....I have been listening to all five classic Police albums as well as all of Stings solo albums since about 1987.  This means that since that time, I have had them in the rotation.  I know the music like the back of my hand.  I have seen Sting in concert solo about 6 times beginning with his Soul Cages tour.  Since the Police "suspended" their activity, there has been almost constant demand for a Police Reunion tour, so when one was finally announced I was so excited, that I bought a ticket to Seattle, WA, and two shows within one week of each other at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.  I saw them first with my friend and debate partner Brett McNeill all the way up in Seattle!    Next with my friend Ty Nakagawa at the Staples Center, and finally with my friend Mark Nowlin, and brother Matt Riley at Dodger Stadium.   Oh wait and now I have just returned mere minutes ago from my fourth and final Police concert ever, where I went with my wife and best friend, the beautiful Tasha Riley, it was at the Hollywood Bowl.  The concerts were everything I wanted and more, from the awesome version of "Wrapped Around Your Finger"  To seeing Stuart Copeland drumming live.  Hit after Hit after Hit, you sit and watch them and think, "Oh yah here comes another awesome song!"  The Police changed up their set lists a little bit, and now I would like to let everyone know that I believe I have heard almost every song played live on every Police Album......What songs have I heard played live?  Here We Go!

From "Outlandos D Amor"
Next To You
So Lonely
Hole in my Life
Can't Stand Losing You
Truth Hits Everybody

From "Regatta De Blanc"
Message in a Bottle
Regatta De Blanc
Bring on the Night
Walking on the Moon
The Beds too big without you

From "Zenyatta Mondatta"
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Driven to Tears
When the World is Running Down
Voices inside My Head
De Do Do Do Do DA Da DA

From "Ghost in the Machine"
Spirits in the Material World
Every Little Thing she does is Magic
Invisible Sun
Demolition Man

From "Synchronicity"
Walking in Your Footsteps
Synchonicity II
Every Breath You Take
King of Pain
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Murder by Numbers

Number one song I wish they would have played...."Synchronicity I"
Interesting note....this tour will have grossed 350 million when it ends in august in New York, and will be one of the most profitable tours ever.  


Brett said...

My one consolation is that you say the best song list was in Seattle. Man I am jealous! That concert a year ago next week was the greatest. Okay there may be a second consolation - they said this reunion tour would never happen -perhaps the next one that they say won't will.

Mark said...

I was not so spoiled as to see the Police four times! However, I did see them with you at Dodger stadium, and it was easy in my top 2 or 3 concerts of all time. Even though they flubbed some parts of a couple songs, the whole experience was incredible! I am definately looking for a concert DVD for this tour.

Grandma Dee said...

You are a true fan! And giddy as a school girl?! So awesome that you and Tasha rounded out the last concert together. There was a great review in Thursday LA Times Calendar section. You should read it, you could relate to the writer's children (like yours) who know the Sting/Police songs.