Thursday, May 1, 2008

I don't like going to movie theaters

I am a huge cinephile but it is beyond me why movie theaters still exist.   I can't stand the movie going experience anymore.  The tickets are very expensive.  The snacks are expensive as well.  You have to sit with people making noises all the time, in uncomfortable chairs.  I remember in 1997 I was in Chico at the El Rey Theater, in a packed movie theater getting ready to see "Saving Private Ryan" During the opening scene where the old man walks across the graveyard in france in present day there was a ruckus.  People behind me were talking to each other.....I knew that this was an emotional movie and one I had to see in a different I walked out, knowing I would be miserable if I stayed.  I think I saw it 3 months later at a matinee when I knew it would be less crowded.  So flash forward 11 years......I now have.

1.  A 42 inch Plasma TV with full 1080P Resolution
2.  A Blu Ray Player outputting crystalline sound and images
3.  A 5.1 speaker setup

Why would I ever want to go to another movie theater again? The films come to DVD and Blu Ray 3 months after they are released in theaters, and I can wait!  The only movies I will see in a theater now are the big action summer flicks, because I don't really care if people are talking that much.  But the movies that come out in the fall for Oscar season?  I don't want to miss a second of them.  I recently having seen "Atonement" saw all 5 best picture nominees, from the comfort of my own home, with picture quality and sound quality that exceeds the movie theater experience.  Go ahead doubt me!  I'll give you a demo anytime!  The only thing the theater has is "size of the screen"  

I love not having to hear the sound of people crunching on popcorn next to me.  I love being able to pause and go to the bathroom if I need to, without missing a second of the film.  And I don't have to leave my house!  Call me Garrett "Howard Hughes" Riley 
'come in with the milk, come in with the milk'

Here is my vision of the future.  Lets say the next Batman movie comes out....instead of going to the theater as the only option, lets say you can buy a 24 hour screening pass for say $50 (to protect the studios profit)  And have first run movie delivered to your house On demand over the internet day of release.  How awesome would that be!  You can have movie parties at your house, and with more and more people getting home theaters, folks, this just makes sense.


Brett said...

Garrett, I don't think there is as much of a conspiracy of doubt as you think... we may very well believe you. However, I will say this: if I come over to your house to watch a movie in the perfect cinemagraphic context and I find you naked, hunched over a pile of burning clothes, I am only staying for one movie.

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, you may be prophetic, but Brett you make me laugh out loud and you know Garrett only too well. However, I can attest to the fact, that not once did I see (nor would I like to have seen) Garrett watch any Freddie Kruger movies naked and hunched over a pile of burning clothes. I will agree that maybe you saw a completely different side of Garrett. But, he can still make me laugh out loud just thinking of his unorthodox ideas. Heaven help us!
Grandma Dee

Kiddo said...

roducers and directors put so much effort into the production value of their movies, it has become a pure science. The "movie experience" as we call it, is a complete joke. Eating popcorn and talking during a movie is a huge lack of respect and extremely condescending.

Basic manners have slowly disappeared. That's a fact of life, and I experience it every time I go in a public place. The people who enjoy going to "the movies" do not appreciate this art form the way I do. Their vision of the full movie experience involves eating bonbons and drinking a soda. What a big fat preconceived notion!

And why do people think it is OK to comment on every single scene? or even predict what is about to happen?

Therefore, I would rather share this experience in the comfort of my own home, with the people who understand those values.