Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy

Sad news today as Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  This is someone who would be right at the top of my list of someone I would like to have a drink with.  And of course for my brother, he is definitely at the top.  If it wasn't for an extremely poor decision one evening, he could very well have been President.   Even though I disagree with almost everything he stands for politically I like this guy very much.  As everyone knows he had to endure the brutal murders of both of his older brothers within the span of only five years.  For lesser men, that alone would have driven many to reclusion, but Ted fought on as a tribute to his family and what he personally believed in.  

Ted, you have all my best wishes.  


dole2obama said...

At times like this we must look to the words of the old country:

"Have you not seen the timid tear
steal trembling from mine eye?"
-Thomas Moore

This poem always reminds me of Teddy, he lost not two brothers, but three. His oldest brother was lost when his plane was shot down in W.W. II. Ted is the last of his generation, the world will be a smaller place without him.

"Every Irishman knows that sooner or later the world will break your heart."
-Senator Daniel Moynihan when asked about the death of JFK

Grandma Dee said...

The end of an era reminiscent of Camelot will be when Ted dies. I hope it is later than sooner and that he doesn't suffer too much.
I now understand so much why he sees Obama as a continuation of change towards the possibilities that our wonderful America has to offer.
Thanks for the old picture of Ted.
With all of his money, he could have just lived a selfish, hedonistic life filled with materialism. He chose to serve our country. So few true statesmen in our country now to choose from.


Politics aside, a man after my own heart. After leaving the hospital yesterday, he enjoyed an afternoon on his sailboat Mya. As Dickie Walker said, "Days spent on my boat are not subtracted from the sum total of my life." Now, let's go sailing!

The Capt.