Saturday, May 17, 2008

Turn off your mind relax and float downstream

That quote is from the Beatles Song "Tomorrow Never Knows" Off the album 'Revolver', which they intercut with "Within You Without You" I couldn't see part of that part of the performance because a giant sheet was being dragged over my face and Tasha's face.  You wanna find out more go see the "Beatles: Love" at the Mirage in Las Vegas.  The show was awesome, the next best thing to seeing the Beatles live.  Or maybe better because I hear when they did their concerts no one could hear them anyway.  

For an hour and a half straight we were hit with a cacophony of sound, colors, performance, the likes of which I had never seen before.  The sound was so perfect that it drove an audiophile like myself to the verge of tears, and during "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"  I did play the part of the guitar.  They intercut real tapes of the fab four doing soundchecks, and it was done so well, you thought they were actually in the theatre talking  to you.  I would have paid my ticket just to hear the sound alone in that 100 million dollar state of the art setup.   

The performers were just what you would expect from cirque de soleil, the best in the world.  Choregraphed acrobatics that are beyond description.  I think after seeing Blue Man Group, and now this, in my opinion the best part of Las Vegas is the shows.



Wow, sounds like a GREAT show. So glad that you and Tasha had a great show, great time and great time together. Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

And you didn't take be because....?

Grandma Dee said...

What an awesome experience. I think I have to go there now to see it. I love the Cirque shows. I'm with you that the best part of Vegas is the shows. I also love to eat "outdoors" at Caesar's Palace while the ceiling changes from morning to night.
G Dee