Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keith Olbermans Rant

I have a love hate relationship with Keith Olberman, I hated how he didn't stick up for Don Imus for making a bad joke.  Also I didn't like his inconsistencies in attacking Petraus.  But this is the rant of all rants!  And I think it deserves a prominent place on my blog.  I do believe that Hillary implying she is sticking around just in case Obama is assassinated, is perhaps the worst thing I have ever seen in American politics, it goes way beyond the silliness of the sniper fire mispeaking, or the "swiftboating" of John Kerry.    As Olberman says at the end of this (You gotta watch all 10 minutes)  Anyone who implies that they are sticking around in a presidential race just in case their opponent gets shot, has no place being our president.

Olberman absolutely tears her a new one in this clip, I can't remember seeing anything like it before.



Yes, I would say he was a bit hot under the collar.

I responded to Matts blog about H.C. comment about the assassination of RFK. While I find it repulsive and gutter smut as I mentioned on Matts blog H.C made the same comment several months ago (as backed up by Oberman). At that time she was the darling of the national media so the story never made it out. NOW since she has been thrown under the tracks by her once beloved media it is BIG news. Very facinating how quickly things change. Now the media rides the fast train with Obama and leaves H.C. wondering how, where, what and when this could have happened to her. Interstingly enough RFK Jr. came out and said that he was not offended by her remarks and realized that it is part of the political drama that unfolds in an election. He by the way supported H.C and still does. Amazing, huh?
Love ya, Susan

Brett said...

Classic. What I think we are all forgetting is the motive behind this. Assassination is horrible and devastating. HRC was just acknowledging that and offering to be there for her country in the event that something horrific happens. I mean - poor woman - she has selflessly served her country and now she is being lambasted just for trying to be there for us... makes me get a little vaklempt.

Grandma Dee said...

Am I right in assuming that Keith will not be voting for Hillary? Yikes!
Truly one of Keith's all-time great editorials.
Did you notice that about 1:45 minutes into the video (I listened to that portion 3 times), Keith refers to HRC and the glass ceiling and then says, "You, yes, you!" and there is a "pop" reminiscent of a gun shot which causes Keith to wince. He did not appear to anticipate it and I wonder why the sound was there.

Garrett, I loved this blog and the opening photo tribute to Memorial Day and our different battles. I love the variety of topics you choose. Keep 'em coming!
Love you,