Friday, May 16, 2008

Las Vegas

(best picture of card flickers I could get off Google images)

Two ways to look at this:  Number one: this is sad and pathetic...Number two: This is a tolerable absurdity.  And maybe number 3.  I love that I am an american citizen with a college education!  There are people literally dying to get into this country so they can stand on the strip for less than minimum wage to place smut cards into the hands of vegas tourists.  For those of you that have never seen this phenomenom, on certain places in the vegas strip (the slivers that aren't owned by the casinos) there are groups of Hispanics wearing flourescent shirts that say "Girls direct to you 20 minutes".  They snap and flick their stack of cards to get your attention, and attempt to place a card in your hand.  The funniest people are the middle aged hispanic women, wearing these types of shirts.  

I look at Vegas and smile at the spectacle of it, and I am glad that we have a place like this in America.  I am also glad that it is in a city 280 miles from my house, because I would be betting on the dodgers too much (10 dollars here 20 dollars there--it adds up)If you ever wonder about recession, high gas prices, times are tough mentality.  Come to Vegas!  The strip is bustling with people pouring their money away in a numb haze.  A real recession is India and Haiti where people live in trash and eat dirt for breakfast.   Those people have never enjoyed a Filet Mingion at "the Palm" like we did last night.  You only live once right?  

I have 50 bucks on the Lakers tonight moneyline bet, which means I will win 77.50 if the Lakers win since they are the underdogs.  Of course if I lose, then bye bye 50 bucks.    I haven't been to the tables yet, for some reason I don't have the blackjack itch yet.   Maybe tonight after seeing "Beatles:Love"   

This afternoon is the pool after I get out of this meeting, "I want this whole thing rearranged, I can't see the pool!"  Warren Beatty in 'Bugsy'

I grabbed two beers (two for 6 bro!) for me and a margarita for Tasha yesterday and we walked from the Flamingo (where we are staying) to Ceasers and the Bellagio, Tasha said "Can we walk around with these?"  I said, "Sweetheart, this is Vegas!"



I love that play by play of your trip. AND I am glad that the Lakers won. So glad you two had a super time. Love ya

Grandma Dee said...

Boy, you know how to live! Filet Mignon at the Palm. Yummy! So glad you two had a super mini-vacation.
Love you,