Friday, May 30, 2008


First there was "Twilight Zone", then "X Files" and now we have "Lost" The best show on network television.  With the Finale of Season 4 last night, the show has once again given us the perfect amount of answers while creating new mysteries.  What other show could portray the "rescue" of the Oceanic six as not even that big of a deal, and not even close to a complete resolution to the series.  Lost is fairly unique in that it is  show that you CANNOT just casually sit down and start watching an episode.  This is a show where you MUST watch all the episodes in order starting from season 1.  It is similar to "24" in that respect.  I did not start watching it until right before season 2 came out, I picked up disc 1 season one at blockbuster and decided to give it a shot.  From the first frame I was hooked, the pilot alone was like watching a feature film.  So I encourage anyone who hasn't watched it yet to do themselves a favor and go pick up season 1.  I did 3 years ago, and then I showed Tasha the first episode, and I have never seen her so hooked on anything.  And since then, we watch all the episodes together.  ABC did something unheard of for the series, they gave it a definite end point.  The writers know what the ending will be today, and we know that there will be 32 more episodes and 2 more seasons, and then Lost will be over.  


Brett said...

I am forced to agree with Garrett on this one. Lost is incredible. You always get those who are frustrated who want to claim that the writers don't know where they are going. But I disagree. This is one of the most integrated and thought through story lines I have ever seen.

I admit I feel guilty when we have house guests when Lost is on. We aren't about to wait until they leave to watch it, but on the other hand I know the whole time it is like watching TV in another language for them if they haven't watch the whole series.

Here are my predictions for seasons 5 & 6:
-Season 5 is all about how Locke shows back up in the US as Jeremy Brevin and tries to convince Jack to come back - leading back up to Jack's and Ben's meeting in the funeral parlor at in the finale of season five.
-Season 6 is about getting back onto the island with the tension - who is right Clair or Ben? Are all six really supposed to go or is Ben just toying with Jack so as to try to get back himself (of course - we can't trust Ben).

Finally, who was the 'he' that Clair was talking about? Jack or Aaron? I think Aaron is the linch-pin of the series. He had to born on the island (cf. the red head who had been trying for years to get back to where she was born). This is the (main) cause for the crash of Oceanic 815 .Was Clair telling Kate not to let Aaron come back (yet)? Charlie told Hurley to tell Jack that he was supposed to raise Aaron. Jack's Dad is Jacob's spokesman. Jack's dad is Aarons grandfather. It's all about Aaron.

Garrett said...

I think that Aaron is going to be the true messiah. JJ Abrams is jewish you know!


We haven't seen Lost but will try and catch up on it on the off season. One of the main player's on the program gratuated from San Clemente H.S. I am not sure what is name is but he is probably in his 20's and is a bit on the heavy side. They had a big article in the local paper about him last week. love ya, Susan