Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Police

The morning after they announced  their world tour and kicked off the Grammys, the police played a one off at the Whiskey.  While I did not have a ticket, I drove over there and waited for one hour outside the door along with other diehards....Then one by one they emerged......

This is me sticking my digital camera inside Stings SUV (How Fragile we are) while a security guy is grabbing my arm...I managed seconds after this was taken to yell at him, "Sting you rock!" where he then made direct eye contact with me, leaned over and shook my hand.  I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Andy Summers left and walked directly to his car, and I was blocked from doing anything more than taking this picture of him, where he is sticking out his tongue at another fan taking his picture.

Stuart Copeland came out and talked to the fans for about 5 minutes, I was in a stupor and could do nothing other than say, "Stuart your awesome" a la Chris Farley.  He responded, "Well thank you very much"  I took this picture of him as well as about 20 others....(People don't realize that the Police were Stuart Copelands band, it was he who discovered Sting and brought him in,  Stuarts subtlety on the cymbals and his deft technique, along with Andy's sparse atmospheric guitar, combined with Sting's undisputed genius, made the Police what they are)


Brett said...

You know don't you that I will always be jealous of that day. What an opportunity! BTW - your boss doesn't read your blog does he???

Thanks for the stroll down 'I'm jealous of you lane' now go shine my shoes!


Sounded like a very cool concert. What, you are finish going to see the Police???? Anyway glad you and Tasha had a great time. Love ya