Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VP Debate

Interesting debate tonight, I thought Sarah did better than I expected which she needed to after her terrible interview with Katie Couric.  Her overall performance was uneven, but there were points where I felt she connected with the audience...especially with her plain speaking folksy speak.  Except for during the end when she said "Say it aint so Joe, whoopee do...sneaky snow, we need to act and do stuff for people"  or whatever....that was forced and ham handed.  

But you know what,?  It could have been a lot worse for her, I would say that she basically didn't make any significant gaffes, and neither did Joe Biden.     

I think Biden came off as being very slick and poised, he made a point not to attack her, he could have embarrassed her if he wanted to, but helped himself and obama by not taking that chance. 

Bottom line is Biden won this debate, but Palin succeeded beyond my expectations, and did not further hurt McCain.  I think the question with Sarah is for every Republican she turns off (like me) how many red state yokels who only care about abortion, gays, and home schooling their kids...does she excite?  


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I myself am a yokal, Abortion, Anti-gay, homeschooler who was not impressed by Palin last night Garrett. I watched the debate online, but she was not my cup of tea.
After the debate when the families came on stage there were two things that stuck out that were bothersome. There was s strange exchange between her and Biden where she looked outmatched if that is the right word. I was hard to picture her in serious discussion with a world leader. And a situation where she was handed her baby to calm him down. Her standing ther bouncing and patting her baby in her fancy politician suit was just odd looking as she walked around uncomfortably talking the Bidens family on stage. It is not her fault by I have small kids and it is always hard to have a conversation as you are calming a child. It is awkward and uncomfortable and she was put in that position on national TV.
Now during the debate she looked bad well, not answering questions and trying to play the Maverick "I may not answer the questions the way your want" or "I am talking to the American people" etc. It came of as rehearsed. I say Biden wins as well in the debate.


Sarah Palin swept the floor with Biden and in my opinion won the debate, hands down. Bidens facial expressions towards Palin when she were speaking was condescending, patronizing and one of the most immature performances I have yet to see in a debate and I have seen alot. I felt Palin spoke from the heart while Biden spoke for the politics as usual play book. He acted like he was running against Bush not McCain. Got news for ya Joe.......................Bush isn't running.

love ya, Susan

dole2obama said...

"You betcha I won that debate. I can look Putin in the face, ask him about his kids, and wink at him. You are darn tootin with that one. Just go ask any hockey mom and she will say I did a heckuva job. I wanna give a shout out to all my fans, doggone it."
Sarah Palin

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

I just watched a few clips of the debate again. While I was reading an article about Palin's surprise that Mccain had pulled out of Michigan. Something jumped out.
They are saying Obama and Biden are the two most liberal members of the Senate.
Have we not heard that before? I thought Kerry and Edwards were to 2 most liberal members of the Senate. I know Edwards is gone now, but did Kerry get out liberaled by both Barak and Biden? And what about old Teddy Kennedy? I thought Mass. had the two most liberal Senators as their own.
At least that is what the GOP has been telling us right wingers for years.

Sorry Garrett, I know this is your blog. I just got tired of the same old label being used. The GOP needs to find a new page in the play book.

Pauly said...

"Sarah Palin swept the floor with Biden" -Serenity Now

That's the most delusional statement I've heard in many moons, unless they were running for Miss America.