Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baseball History!!!!

The Dodgers shut out the Angels tonite 1-0.....but that isn't what made baseball history....the Dodgers were no hit!!!  That's right they did not get a single hit in the game.  This is only the fourth time in the 108 years that this has happened.  Angel pitchers Weaver and Arrendondo combine for an 8 inning no hitter, but lose the game!!!  The Dodgers got a run on an error, then another error on a stolen base to put the runner on third....then you have a run via sac hits!!!!!   This is rarer than a perfect was incredible listening to Vin Scully in the 9th.  Vin said, "Seen a lot of games, never seen anything like this"    Unbelievable!!!



I am sure it was awesome listening to Vinnie call the game. Quite unusual indeed to have happen. Just wish it hadn't been against my Angels. Dennis will not be a happy camper when he gets back from the backpacking trip to hear about this game AND the fact the Angels offense is not where to be seen. Love ya, Susan