Sunday, June 29, 2008


The great Pyramids of Egypt (The only surviving "wonders of the world")

Mayan Pyramid

The Luxor in Las Vegas

The original Pyramids of Egypt in Giza are something I want to see.  Egypt was one of the first original sophisticated civilizations, complete with it's own intricate system of government and religion.  They built the pyramids on the backs of thousands of captured slaves.  This provides the backdrop of the Hebrews passing down campfire myths of their fictional hero "Moses" leading them out of Egypt.  Even though there are no archeological records of any such "Exodus"  The records are plentiful that Pharohs existed, in fact you can see some of them still preserved these thousands years later.  

The Mayans liked to cut peoples hearts out to appease the gods and roll them right down the steps, for more on this see the mad genius Mel Gibson's "Appocalypto" 

The Luxor is an awesome manmade shrine to the virtues of drinking, gambling, and sex.