Monday, June 23, 2008


I know without a shadow of a doubt that President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and that he acted alone.  However I love the movie "JFK" by Oliver Stone.  Even though it is based on conspiracy theories, it is a very cool movie to watch.  Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Peschi, Kevin Bacon, and Gary Oldman give fantastic performances.  Costner is solid in his role as well.  I remember when it first came out, and how much my brother Matt and I were looking forward to seeing it.  After seeing it I had no doubt that there was a huge conspiracy involved.....and that is a lesson on how we can be swayed by propaganda.  Of course I was only 18 or 19 when I saw it, and my brain was completly different than it is today.  A few years after the movie was released, Gerald Posner came out with a book called "Case Closed" and there is a magnus opus right now by Vincent Bugliosi on the same topic.  Anyways, applying critical thinking skills and using reason and logic.   I don't see how a reasonable person could conclude anything other than Oswald acted alone.    But it is fun to watch a great movie done by a gifted filmmaker such as Oliver Stone.