Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puppies, Meadows, and Cotton Candy

I like puppies a lot, I also love Cotton Candy, and meadows.  It is my dream to frolic in a meadow with a puppy while I eat Cotton Candy, someday that dream may come true.  

Also I want to point out my favorite inspirational poster of all time.  Sometimes I feel in life that I get very stressed and busy in life.  I like to call it "A case of the mondays" haha well we all feel blue from time to time right?  Well whenever I feel blue, I like to look at this poster of a cat.  He is hanging on a rope with his paws and he looks so cute, and get this, this is rich, the poster says "Hang In There"    I don't know it always gives me a smile!!   What kind of things bring positivity and sunshine into your lives?  Comments? 



Ah, sitting by the Kings River in Cedar Grove. Whenever I feel stressed or depressed I always, in my mind go to my favorite campsite in Cedar Grove with the towering trees and distant sound of the river flowing. I immediately feel a calm and smile come over me. A few weeks ago I said to Dennis that I needed to go to Kings Canyon as it is the one place that I feel at true peace and calmness. Not only is it the beauty of Kings Canyon it is also the incredible times that Dennis and I have enjoyed up there with for the past 38 years. So many great times and memories with family and friends as well.

Also the fun times we now share with Kevin and Zach is a great lift. They remind me so much of watching you and Matt grow up. It always puts a smile on my face. Love ya, Susan

Paula said...

I loved this post! It really made me think about what brought me peace and lessened any stress that I was feeling. First, I thought of the mountains...chiefly a bubbly mountain stream with the good smells of the earth and fresh trees. Sometimes, when I am overwhelmingly stressed I think about laying by this stream and drinking in the beauty!
So Susan, I really identified with your post. As much as I love the beach and tropical places, I have always loved the mountains more.
Second, there is nothing like the peace of God and the comfort and love that I feel through His Holy Spirit. Prayer connects me to Him and I know without a doubt that He is real, even though sometimes I do not "feel" Him. I can crawl into His lap and know He is hugging me and will take care of the burdens that are bothering me. To me, Christ is my greatest source of peace in a stressful world.
I love you much, my son, Mom