Monday, June 16, 2008

The Bucket list sucked

So we have one of the best actors, and arguably the most overrated actor in the same movie.  Ladies and gentlemen, cuckoos nest and chinatown this is not.  I knew the second I saw this trailer that this movie was going to be lame.  But have you ever known a movie was going to be bad but still wanted to see it anyways?  Well there you go.  As a matter of fact I am typing this review and I am 55 minutes in to the movie, and I am amazed at how bad it is.  Is is paint by numbers, formulaic, drivel.  No character development, the scenes just feel slapped together with no pacing.  Why can't Nicholson do a REALLY good role again?  About Schmidt and the Departed were great, but why does he have to do junk like this?  Sweet goodness they are now on a safari singing together!  Man this is terrible.  Movies can be so incredible when they are done right, but it is amazing what the studios can put out.  Unfortunatly studios are guaranteed a return if they just market a movie a certain way.  For example every movie goer 50 and over will casually say, "Lets see the Bucket List"  I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, so it must be good.   And they shell out their 10 bucks for something to do on a Saturday Night, without even thinking.  Meanwhile Transcendent Art like "There Will be Blood"  Doesn't make a dime.  The majority of causal moviegoers are sheeplike zombies who will obey the marketing campaigns of the studio.  Morgan Freeman plays the same role in every movie he does...WE GET IT YOUR THE WISE OLE SAGE NARRATOR!!   I should have watched Chinatown again.


Brett said...

What a bummer! I was hoping it would be decent - haven't seen it yet. I love Jack - and truth be told I like Morgan Freeman (come on, Shawshank was awesome!).

The movie giants are turning out manure by the truck load these days. Now if we could only find a way to use it to grow more corn and power our cars...

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed this movie. It was exactly what I expected it to be. You are correct about Morgan Freeman though. He is a very likable guy in his movies, yet not one of the greatest actors out there. He is sort of the "Donovan McNabb" of Holywood. I did like Jacks performance though, especially in the hospital during the cancer treatment.

Pauly said...

Hey Gar,

I actually wrote a long response back on one of your religious debates with pastor Brett, but I screwed up my log-in and erased it!

Here's the thing, the movie was fun to watch. If you want to be enlightened, go to a symphony or a play.



I loved it!! Thought it had some great "think about life: moments. Love ya, Susan

Paula said...

Hi Gar,
We both just finished seeing the movie on Cox movies and liked it! I thought it had alot to say about life,had some funny moments and actually did not mock faith. Whoa!
Love you, Mom