Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey is the best castmember in the history of SNL. He appeared from 1986-1993, he created one of if not the most popular character in show history, "the Church Lady" A hilarious potrayal of an uptight pious church fanatic. From that character he gave us the catch phrases, "Well isn't that special" and Conveeeeeeeenient" Here is a list of his just some of hischaracters....Garth Algar, in Wayne's World
Woody Allen
George Bush
Johnny Carson
Ching Change
Chris, Pat's special someone
Lyle Clark, a Toonce's owners
Grumpy Old Man
H. Ross Perot
Regis Philbin
Dan Quayle
Buddy Precisely
Hans, in Hans and Franz
Casey Kasem
Robin Leach
John McLaughlin
George Michael
Dennis Miller
Mischu, apprentice of KoKo
Keith Richards
One of a Couple of Sammies
Derek Stevens, Chopping Broccoli
Jimmy Stewart
John Travolta
Lyle Billup, The Effeminate Hetero
Head-wound Harry

He was sharp, funny, and fearless on SNL. Some people wonder why he hasn't hit multi million dollar paydays like Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and Adam my opinion it is because Dana Carvey doesn't have big screen presence. He can't play the romantic lead in Drew Barrymore flicks like Adam Sandler can. He can't play the everyman buffon like Ferrell. As for Myers, Mike was just more successful in getting his characters on the big screen. Wayne, Dr. Evil/Austin Powers, and of course he hit mega millions with the Shrek franchise. Carvey has enjoyed one blockbuster franchise with Waynes World, and that's it. Even so, I have never seen someone who was funnier in the SNL skits as he was. Even now he could rejoin SNL tomorrow and be the number one cast member .


Grandma Dee said...

Agree with you, Goot. Remember the time I got tickets for you, Matt, Dad and I to go to the Comedy & Magic Club to see him and he had to cancel at the last minute? I was so sorry. Nothing funnier than seeing you portray the church lady while wearing my silk bridesmaid dress. Only you!

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Great post. When I first read your opening statement about him being the best cast member, I rolled my eyes with the thoughts of Aykroid, Belushi, Murphy, Martin ect.
Then I thought about it. You are right! His impact and improtance for the show far outdid that of the others listed. He laid the foundation for great political satire on the show. If I remember correctly he did both Bush 41 and Perot in the same debate sketch. Who can forget him trying to dump his VP candidate on the side of the road as Perot, like the old Warner Bros cartoons dumping the unwanted dog off. Most would say he made Waynes World good not Mike Myers. In high school at the time, I remember people doing Garth impressions.
He was the one that really seemed to go all out in trying to play the role and set the standard that is rarely met on SNL in recent years.
That being said I have not seen an episode in a while. I had no time for Heracio Sanz, Tracy Morgan, Jim Brewer or the guy from Nickelodeon that played Fat Albert.
By the way I like Clean Slate, Master of Disquise etc.
Sandler I really dont get how he is teamed with Barrymore, Leoni, Paz Vega, and the chick from Click.
Ferrell I liked in Stranger than Fiction, Elf, Kicking and Screaming. Not a big fan of the more vulgar characters.
Mike Meyers, is great as an Ogre that does not sound like Mike Meyers that has Eddie Murphy as a side kick. But Waynes World was all Garth. Austin Powers was entertaining the first time around, the second I remember roller girl and minnie me, but not much else. I dont know that I saw the third. CAt in the Hat was garbage. Who can forget the I married an axe murderer junk.

Great Post Garrett