Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue Velvet

A good director knows how to play you like a violin.  Alfred Hitchcock did this in "Psycho" when he killed off his female lead only a half hour into the movie, and no one saw that coming.  I saw David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" this weekend, and wow! what a ride.  I would venture to guess that 75 percent of you that are reading this now would probably not like this film because you may have difficulty getting past some of the subject matter (violence) , but hey it is way less violent than "The Smashin of the Christ" so who knows? Anyways, it deals with suburbia and the darkness that can lie is in some ways a Hardy Boys mystery done to the extreme.  Dennis Hopper gives us a no holds barred depiction of one of the most twisted villians you will ever see in movies.  David Lynch's direction is gutsy, original and brilliant.  I didn't like it as much as "Mulholland Drive" but it had a similar type feel to it.  Anyways, it looks like the GrabBag is turning into a movie review site now doesn't it?....I try to keep different topics going as much as I can.

"Now it's Dark"



Garrett: Thank you for enlightening us on the movies here and now. We tend to go to the movies, for whatever reason in the winter so we tend to miss some of the sleepers. Not saying that this is one of them but we do appreciate getting a first hand view of the latest pics. Love you all

mark said...

I have recently seen a new "american" classic: Kung Fu Panda! This comment may be a little non-sequitor, but some day I would love to see a movie review about the Panda!