Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tasha's Trip to Yosemite

If you are unable to see it there then I have it below for your convienence, but it looks much better when it is in larger format...enjoy!!



Oh my gosh...............the video is amazing!!!!!!!! Beautiful shots Tasha and great job putting it into a movie format, Garrett along with super music. What a incredible accomplishment, Tasha. You gals looked GREAT!! I must say that I do believe that I would have stayed a bottom of those looked very scary but the view from the top is magical. Love you all, Susan & Dennis

dole2obama said...

Great job on the video goot! Love the Eddie Vedder song.

Sandy said...

What an incredible job you did, Garrett, putting this fabuous video together. Tasha, I was apprehensive before about the cables, however when I saw what you had to do, there was no way I would have even attempted that. You are amazing, and I can imagine how fabulous you felt at the top.
Love, Sandy