Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

George Carlin passed away yesterday at the age of 71.  Alongside Richard Pryor, he was generally regarded as the greatest comedian of all time.  His observations of the absurdity and hypocrisy of life were legendary.  I have posted my all time favorite bit of his here.  Enjoy!



He was a classic without a doubt. RIP

Pauly said...

That was funny. Post some more clips!

mark said...

Well, George finally got an answer to his challenge to God. I guess it was a 50/50 thing, and not entirely in the timing that George was presuming. But in the end, now he is dead.

Not to be a downer, but the death of someone should always be a time of reflection for us that are still alive: why am I alive, what is the purpose of life, what happens at/after death, are we just a cosmic accident or the result of divine action? Parts of the answers to these questions are evident in the world around us, but the full answers are not in the material. They are found through immaterial means.

George may have worshipped the sun, or rather himself, but in the end even he could not prevent his own demise. I gather he now has a fuller appreciation for the One whom he rejected his entire life.

Garrett said...

Thank you for your post my good and decent friend Mark.....however I must throw in my two cents.....In my opinion Yaweh should have killed Carlin and everyone in that audience, after all is that not his nature? He did so in Genesis when he murdered everyone including infants (except one 'good man') The bible is full of tales of a bloodthirsty god, commanding bears to kill children, advocating brutal rape and enslavement. That is gods nature and he is the same "yesterday, today, and forever" is he not? The mere fact that no one died in that HBO taping is proof enough that there is no god! And that was Carlin's point and he illustrated it brillantly throughout that entire bit. Pointing out that praying to Joe Peschi is equally as effective as praying to god was GENIUS!!

Anyways to answer your questions,

1. What is the purpose of life?
To find our best possibilities for happiness and ensure the survival of our species.(the majority of our species find this through loving and being loved, this is also why most of us consider the birth of our children as the most profound and joyful thing in our lives)

2. What happens when we die?
We cease to exist...everything we are is contained within our phyisical brains...once the brain dies we cease to exist.

3. Are we just a cosmic accident?

Yes we are, as all of current and best science supports.

I am not saying that you are like this, but many christians and I was one of them felt a certain smug satisfaction in non believers going to hell. I think that there is a big "I told you" mentality, especially in those who long for the rapture and envision it happening in their lifetime. But really think about this, you have a human being George Carlin, being burned and tortured by the god you sing love songs to. Really examine this belief, I don't think you should take satisfaction in this. After all, if you outlive me I will be in hell being tortured too right? And think about this, what is so heavenly about being with god after you die knowing that your good friend garrett is being tortured down in the basement?

Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

Hey Garrett,
First I want to say George Carlin is/was very funny. Bill Mahr wishes he was George Carlin, although Bill was pretty funny with his bit on the Catholic Church and the FLDS a few months back.
Second, I have no idea where George is right now, that is his business and Gods business. Who knows what he believed in the end.
Third, based on what you wrote in "Born Again Atheist" I am not one who says you will be in hell. You said in 1992 you really believed and wanted to be able to put your mind in those that did not believe. That shows you had some faith in Christ at that time. If you were truly a believer than, and received eternal life, (maybe, I dont know, I can never know what is in the heart of another person, only, you and God would know that) but if you did believe, eternal live never ends. You would still be bound for glory even if you have turned your back to God today and live out as an atheist until you die (physically).

By the way. I get no satisfaction from anyone going to hell. If so, I would not be here in Utah preaching to folks. Life was much easier back in CA, working and cashing in big paychecks each week.