Friday, June 20, 2008

Rock Band

(all four elements bass, drums, guitar, vocals on top)

I am a big kid as many of you that know me will testify to.    I like video games, and I like guitar hero.  Guitar hero was just the beginning though, ladies and gentlemen....I give you Rock Band.  It comes with a set of drums, a guitar, and a microphone.  And if also gives you the opportunity to plug in a bass guitar as well.  What this means is that you can get four people, each playing along or singing together!  Extremely fun.  Also you can do a solo mode which lets you play the same song once with drums, then with guitar, then with singing.  I have already downloaded all the Police songs and was belting out Synchonicity II earlier.  This is the ultimate fun party game, I look forward to Mark Nowlin coming over and me and him jamming on the guitar and drums, and maybe Tasha or Angela singing.  The gameplay is just like guitar hero, you have to hit the flying notes in synchopation....the drums are the hardest for me because of the added bass pedal element...there are 4 drums total and you can slam them as hard as you want to.  The vocals track the pitch of your voice and you can also use the mike as a tamborine by clapping your hand into it.  Two bad I don't live in a fraternity because this game has "drunken college fun" written all over it.....Sigh......oh well, I was in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, that was fun too....our Friday night meetings didn't end until "God told us to"  Much more fun.



Sounds like a good time, rockin' rollin' Sat. night. Love ya, susan

mark said...


Sounds like a serious party. I would almost pay money to see you play those drums. You are on next time we're over!