Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lego Raiders of the Lost Ark



Very, very cool!! I am amazed at what can be done today. I cannot help but watch and listen to Kevin and then think of you, Garrett and the same interests that you had when you were Kevins age!! He and his buddy Zach were sooooooooooooo cute and good as well in the video. Not to mention that great producer who put the whole thing together............ :).Love you all, Susan

Brett said...

Very nice! I can tell your sons have been thoroughly educated in Raiders.

Grandma Dee said...

How much fun was that. I loved the names of the cast and the creativity with the Legos. Kevin, it must have taken you a long time to put all of the legos together, especially the cool plane with the SNAKE in it. Good thing Grandpa wasn't there. He doesn't like snakes either, like Indie. Kevin, Zach and Tasha, what stars and with Garrett as producer, how can you lose.
Can't wait to see all of this in person!
Grandma Dee