Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bill Clinton at my Alma Mater

From Pre-school through 6th grade I attended Riviera Hall School.  And it just so happens that so does Roger Clinton's son Tyler.  So the greatest politician in history delivers the commencement address for the graduating 8th graders.  Pretty cool, I had a thought of driving down to my school today, but I didn't know if I would have been able to get a handshake or a picture with the President, so I chose not to try.  In hindsight I should have because the Lakers blew game 4 of the finals anyways.  Oh well it was a closed and secure event that needed a ticket to enter, and the Secret Service I don't think let any rubberneckers get too close, but maybe I am wrong.....I have seen two presidents live, Reagan after he was president, at Angel Stadium for the 1989 All Star Game, and W at a whistlestop in Oxnard, CA in 2000.  I guess ole Slick will have to wait.

Update:  I call him the greatest politician in history because I have never seen anyone with so much political talent, he is always slick and smooth, able to answer the toughest questions, without really answering.  Able to look someone in the eye and make that person feel that "he feels your pain" even though he really doesn't.   Equally talented at speeches, debates, interviews, and talking to the common man.  Comfortable in any enviornment.   Doesn't mean I agree with his policies though, I voted for Bush and Dole.  But I can recognize his political genius.  He is everything that Hillary isn't....She worked extremely hard and had a great command of the issues, but she has no charm, or charisma...Bill could slam down a shot with a Coal Miner, she cannot.


Baptist_Mike_in_Utah said...

What is your definition of "greatest politician in history"?
What is the criteria?

Sailing Vessel Serenity NOW said...

I was thinking the same thing. Slickmeister, "greatest politician in history." which category??? I wonder if Monica was there. I think you were better off watching the Lakers hit the wall than wasting gas to see Clinton. Love ya, Susan

dole2obama said...

What a great educational establishment. Thanks for sending me to Riviera Hall DAD!

Brett said...

How many laments have I heard about going to Riveria Hall??? Now such boasts! :) Do you think RH paid his normal fee?