Monday, June 23, 2008

New Religious Study

Well this is encouraging, as we know here in the Golden State we are less likely to submit to primitive superstition then elsewhere in the United States.  Nationwide this pew poll says that 92% believe in God or a "universal spirit".  Not suprising.....but Californians are statistically more inclined to reject rigid dogma based on the Isralei War god named "YaWeh"  

------PRIVATE THOUGHTS of some members of my family


Pauly said...

Big Gar. I think you have OCaD, Obsessive Compulsive atheism Disorder.


Hey Garrett:

Confused in San Clemente. Who wrote "we get it Garrett you are an atheist.", etc.?

While I do not agree with you with regard to your non belief in God I do respect you for having the courage to speak out and explain the reasons that you doubt religion and belief in God. I think it is extremely brave of you to express your views and beliefs and disbeliefs regarding your faith or lack of.
I know that you do not take faith lightly and have researched religion for a very long time. I respect you for your open approach. While I am firmly entrenched in my belief in God and the hear after I also respect your
right to agree to disagree. Love you Gar, Susan

Brett said...

LOL! Thanks Gar. California is clearly the paradigm of rational logic, reason and decency. I love it. PLEASE keep the statistics coming.

dole2obama said...

Nice one Paul! Big goot clearly has OCaD, but I also believe he has OCbd; Obsessive Compulsive Blogging Disorder. I can barely keep up with all his posts. Garrett is the same kid who could not just buy one Rush C.D., he had to buy all 16! Whatever he gets into, he gets FULLY INVOLVED. I'm just glad he never got into crack.